Young Entrepreneurs Program

To generate employment and sustainable growth

June 2017 to March 2018

CYDA, Pune, YouthAid foundation, Ramoji Academy for Film and Television (RAFT) and many other like-minded organizations are planning to organize six month long Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) to identify, train, build capacities and networking with grassroots and first generation entrepreneurs from all over India. CYDA strongly believes that entrepreneurships and startups have become part and parcel of young people’s life in India today. There is an imperative need to invest in them, nurture this culture to build an ecosystem to support and mentor them to ensure successful business and social enterprises.

India having large number of young people, still faces many barriers in promoting entrepreneurship. Rural and urban poor lack of awareness, encouragement and even face negative social attitudes. Present education and training programmes generally do not do enough to nurture entrepreneurial attitudes and skills. Lack of prior work and entrepreneurship experience is a major determinant to business startup and entrepreneurship performance. Through this program CYDA along with other organizations aim to reach to the unreached to promote their dreams and business ideas.

Further this program will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No 8 ie to generate employment and economic growth and SDGs No.10 to reduce inequalities.

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First young entrepreneurs summit 2016

First Young Entrepreneurs Summit was organized on 19th November 2016 at hotel Shantai, Pune in which almost 80 young people from four states of India participated to explore opportunities to initiate business or social enterprises. Seven potential ideas were accepted while many participants mentored to initiate small and need based enterprises.

As an outcome of 2016 entrepreneurship summit 30 young people started self employment activities at different level and scale. Their collective monthly income before was Rs 45,000 which now has increased to Rs. 2,23,500, per month. CYDA through with the support of YouthAid will continue to mentor and take them to 2nd level of startups.

Young Entrepreneurs Program 2017

Taking lessons from the first entrepreneurs’ summit, YouthAid foundation is proposing a six month long entrepreneurship program to identify, train and build capacities and finally fund potential grassroots entrepreneurs. The program has following components

  1. Young Entrepreneurs Incubation ( YEI)
  2. Young Entrepreneurs Training ( Boot Camp) ( YET)
  3. Young Entrepreneurs Summit ( YES)
  4. Young Entrepreneurs Fund ( YEF)
  5. Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN)

Stage 1: Young Entrepreneurs Incubation

There will be one day state level seminar is organized at selected cities to identify youth who are potential for initiating enterprises or self employment. This year we will focus on 10 states in India, with a special focus on Pune and Maharashtra. The purpose of this seminar is to reach to the unreached young people from different sections of society, including, urban and rural poor communities etc. These Seminars will be held from June to Aug 2017 to identify potential entrepreneurs who will participate in the subsequent programs. As an outcome of these seminars, young entrepreneurs will be asked to prepare business plan and submit to CYDA. We are expecting to reach out to 1000 grassroots entrepreneurs and hoping to receive 250 business plans.

Stage 2 Young Entrepreneurs Training

This is a five day boot camp organized at Ramoji Film City Hyderabad in association with Ramoji University. During this five days intensive training will be given to selected entrepreneurs by excellent mentors and faculties from all over India. 30 to 40 best ideas from the YEI will be selected for the boot camp in Hyderabad.

Stage 3 Young Entrepreneurs Summit (18 Nov to 20 Nov 2017)

This is a three day long summit where over 300 potential young entrepreneurs will come from all over India to interact, learn and share their business plans.

Day one (before lunch): Workshops will be organized by experienced mentors, entrepreneurs who will provide input to the young people on various perspectives, opportunities as well as challenges facing entrepreneurs. These sessions will be handled by experienced mentors, experts from institutions and entrepreneurship organizations. There will be 3 parallel sessions organized in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Day one (after lunch) This program will end with an inauguration of Entrepreneurship Summit in which various celebrities and dignatories will participate.

Day two (before lunch): Various technical sessions will be organized to provide input to different aspects of entrepreneurships. This includes business and social entrepreneurship, skill requirements of an entrepreneur etc.

Day two (after lunch): There will be presentations by various successful entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs. This will be in the form of oral and video presentations and interactions with those budding entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs. Here the mentors will engage with entrepreneurs and will provide inputs to the participants.

Day three (before lunch) selected entrepreneurs will pitch before angel investors, banks and organizations willing to mentor the entrepreneurs. The identified and implementable and ideas will be supported and mentored

Day three (after lunch) There will be a concluding program in which 10 best ideas will be selected and announced for support.

There will be an exhibition stalls offered to various institutions and organizations involved in the entrepreneurship programs.

Stage 4: Young Entrepreneurs Fund

Some portion of the fund collected through sponsorships, contributions, grants, exhibitions etc will be set apart to support potential entrepreneurs either as revolving fund or as equity share holding.

Stage: 5: Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN)

CYDA will promote a network of young entrepreneurs to continue to provide input, information and inspiration to nurture entrepreneurial spirit in young people in the country.

Types of Registration Fees (inclusive of Accommodation, food and training materials)

  • Young entrepreneurs Incubation: Free
  • Young Entrepreneurs Training (boot camp) Rs 10,000 ( This is through selection process only)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Summit: Rs 3000
  • Young Entrepreneurs Network: Rs. 500

Opportunities: To learn from best entrepreneurs; to build networks, to explore funding opportunities; to get Legal assistance; to meet up with successful entrepreneurs, to get mentored by experts.

YEI: respective States
YET: Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
YES: Pune


  • 800 youth participated in Incubation
  • 30 youth joined boot camp
  • 200 youth joined summit
  • 500 youth visited exhibitions
  • 30-40 ideas selected for pitching
  • 10 ideas supported and taken up for mentorship .
  • 50 Self employment business started

There will be two types of certificates: 1. Certification in Entrepreneurship (will be given to selected candidates) and 2. Participation Certification (will be given to all who participated upto the summit). 3. Those who attended Boot camp will be given a separate certification.


CYDA believes that economic prosperity and opportunities for gainful employment are critical for safe, secure and stable societies. This effort is to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Sustainable development goal no 10 says that we cannot live in a truly developed world without equal opportunities for both countries and their citizens. Equality is at the core of all the sustainable development goals. Together we can empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all people irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, and religion, economic or other status.

A. Sponsorships

  • Title Sponsor: Rs 500,000
  • Associate Sponsors: Rs 300,000
  • Co- Sponsors: Rs 200,000

B. Partnerships ( funded)

CYDA will seek the support of various corporate and INGOs to partner in this program. We are seeking a contribution as grant towards the same. Partners can contribute: Rs 100,000 and above or take responsibility of any part of the budget given below.

C. Non-funded partnerships

  • Promote the program in the media
  • Encourage participation by registration
  • Take care of certain expenses of the event
  • Organize state level consultations
  • Contribute during the sessions as expert and mentors

Certain portion of the fund raised from this program will be given to entrepreneurs as revolving fund and CYDA accepts any amount above Rs 500 as contribution towards Young Entrepreneurs Fund to promote entrepreneurship in India.

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Address: YouthAid Foundation, 2nd Floor, 16/A Atur House, Opp to Institute of Virology, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pune 411014. Email: Mathew Mattam@ 9179084484