Young Entrepreneurs Summit,

Pune 2016

Entrepreneurships and startups have become part and parcel of young people’s life in India today. There is an imperative need to nurture this culture to build an ecosystem to support and mentor them. With this objective Young Entrepreneurs Summit was organized on the occasion of Global Entrepreneurs Week 2016 by YouthAid in association with CYDA and likeminded organizations on 19th November in Pune.

The purpose of this summit was to engage with young people or young ideas and to help them towards entrepreneurial growth. We in CYDA and YouthAid strongly believe that idea should be allowed to be blossomed, nurtured and mentored so that they stand up to and create jobs and promote inclusive socio-economic growth of marginalized sections..

The Summit was started with inaugural song by Youth4Change team led by Mr. Nitesh Singroul and performed beautifully. This was followed by the felicitation of all the guests which included Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury, former director of SIMC and media consultant, Kolkotta, Mr B.R Venkatesh from I-Create, Mr Arun Vartak from deAsra, Mr. Deep Bhong from BTW groups and Priya Kothari from Tattvammedia.

Founder member of CYDA and YouthAid Mr. Mathew Mattam, introduced the introduced the concept and welcomed everyone and declared the beginning of Young Entrepreneurs Summit for the year of 2016. He also shared that the objective of this year’s Summit is to bring together young people from different walks of life together at one place to get opportunities for all.

Prof. Chowdhury gave his excellent opening address and inspired all present in the hall. During the course of his speech, Prof. Chowdhury gave the participants information about various aspects which allows an entrepreneur to be successful, he spoke about the journey of an entrepreneurs right from his/her vision to requirement and procurement of funds and resources. He emphasized the importance of customer relationship management in any business and even narrated various stories from his personal life which made his presentation even more interesting.

Ms. Vandana Chavan addresses the audience

Following Prof. Chowdhury’s presentation, the technical input sessions began and they were chaired by the Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury. The first speaker was Mr. Deep Bhong, the head and owner of the BTW group of companies. Mr. Bhong spoke about how he found an entrepreneur within himself and how he came to follow his dream and be the head of 7 companies. It was an inspiring success story. Mr. Bhong through his presentation brought to the participant’s notice that ‘One does not need any background to become an entrepreneur.’

Next was Ms. Priya Kothari, Founder of Tattvam Media and one of the organizers of the Summit. Ms. Kothari spoke about why she chose to be an entrepreneur and how her seven month old entrepreneurial venture ‘Tattvam media’ came to be. Ms. Kothari, in just seven months has a team of 25 working under her with various well-known clients like Gold’s Adlabs and Shiv Sagar. The founder of ‘I Create’, Mr. B.R. Venkatesh, gave a background about I Create as well as the services it provides. Narrating stories from his personal life, Mr. Venkatesh painted pictures of the evolution of entrepreneurs into successful businessmen with encouragement and support. Mr. Arun Vartak of deAsra Foundation spoke next. Mr. Vartak gave an insight into the deAsra foundation organization’s working and functions and how it was founded. He also gave examples of various entrepreneurs who had been given help through deAsra.

The last Speaker for the Technical Session was a representative from Mahajan and Associates who talked the participants through various legal and statutory issues/situations that may arise during the course of one’s entrepreneurial ventures. Just as the technical input Session was brought to a close, the event was graced by Ms. Vandana Chavan, MP, Rajya Sabha, Pune. Ms. Chavan went on to address the audience emphasizing the need to give back to society and with her inspiring stories of personal encounters and events, wished all the aspiring entrepreneurs the best of luck for their future endeavors. This was followed by a sharing from former Mayor Mr. Mohan Rajpal Singh. Both were felicitated by Mr. Tanay Telang, Youth4Change member from Pune. Finally Ms. Dilmeher Bhola, President, CYDA, gave a vote of thanks to all the guests who had taken the time to come and conduct the technical sessions.

An hour later with full bellies and heart’s content, the room was filled with anticipation and excitement. It was time for the participants to showcase their business ideas to all those present. The presentations were chaired by Mr. Pankaj Das of Yashwantrao Chavan College of Social Work and mentored by Dr. Anwar Shaikh, Prof. Department of Commerce, Poona College and founder member of CYDA, Pune and Mr. Ajay Mehta, proprietor Amey enterprises. The participants along with the panel were facilitated by Mr. Pravin Jadhav, a representative of CYDA, Pune.

The first participant to make his presentation was Mr. Atul Yadav, who is a part of CYDA’s Chhattisgarh Branch and the Thinkers Group. With his enthusiasm, he made a great pitch for his business idea named “Jugaad “.He was followed by Mr. Ashok Hatagale and Mr. Sanish Kulkarni who spoke about ‘Ayansh’, which stands for Advocating Youth At-risk through nurturing and Support Hub. Their business idea, Ayansh, aims to improve the lives of those young people who have had a distressed past, unstable present and a directionless future says Mr. Kulkarni. Their presentation was followed by a short film they have created about Ayansh which was not only very well made but also appreciated by all.

Mr. Nitin Jadhav from Aurangabad then spoke about his business idea to create a Life Education Institute using the ISRO Edusat and making education affordable and creative. Mr. Jadhav spoke about the steps he has taken to make Life Education Institute a reality. Mr. Jadhav was followed by Mr. Shalabh Katare from Madhya Pradesh then discussed his idea about livelihood options for Self Help Groups. His very engaging presentation was followed by a presentation by Ms. Vanishree Hiramant from Satara who spoke about Easytoll, the future of e-tolling in India. Mr. Ankit Parashar from Pune made his pitch for his already existing business venture called ‘One man Media’ which he intended to become a full fledged Media house in the near future. Last but not the least was Mr. Bhanu Nishad, another representative of the Chhattisgarh CYDA branch, who spoke about his potential business idea of Sangvari Online Services.

Once each participant had finished proposing their business idea or talking about their existing entrepreneurial ventures by explaining their business plan, revenue model and the need they address, they were each presented with certificates by the chairperson and the mentors. Each participant was given feedback by the two mentors and the chairperson based not only on content and timing but also based on their presentation skills. Following which Professor Ujjwal Chowdhury, concluded with encouraging words for the aspiring entrepreneurs and the organizers. Mr. Mathew Mattam, gave his vote of thanks and declared an end to the Young Entrepreneur’s Summit 2016 and assured everyone that 2nd edition of Entrepreneurs Summit would bring various stakeholders together to ensure adequate follow up and funding opportunities created.


Names of the Participants

  • Atul Yadav, Chhattisgarh
  • Ashok Hatagle & Sanish kulkarni
  • Nitin Jadhav, Aurangabad
  • Shalabh Katare, Madhya Pradesh
  • Vanishree Hiramant, Satara
  • Ankit Parashar, Pune

List and addresses of Resource persons and their email addresses

  • Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury
  • Mr B.R Venkatesh, I-Create
  • Anwar Shaikh, Prof. Department of Commerce,
    Poona College and founder member of CYDA,Pune
  • Mr Arun Vartak, deAsra Foundation
  • Mr. Deep Bhong, BTW groups
  • Mr. Ajay Mehta, Amey Enterprises
  • Priya Kothari, Tattvammedia.
  • Mr. Pankaj Das, Yashwantrao Chavan College of Social Work

List and email addresses of organizers

  • Center for Youth Development and Activities Pune
  • YouthAid Foundation
  • Tattvammedia, Pune

Associate Members

  • BTW Groups, Pune
  • Business mantra, Pune
  • SWISSAID , India
  • DeAsra Foundation, Pune
  • I Create, Mumbai
  • Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work, Satara
  • Mahajan Associates, Pune
  • NIRMAN, Pune
  • Youth4Change, Chhattisgarh
  • Poona College, Pune
  • Rajiv Gandhi Business College, Pune
  • Youth4Change, Pune